Sunday, 17 August 2008

So We Say

This is the beginning of what will hopefully become an international project. It's simple for anyone to get involved in.

  • Take a packet of standard yellow post it notes.
  • Write down a favourite quote, saying, lyric or own personal thought.
  • Rip it off and stick it up wherever you can in a public place. This can be anywhere, on an automatic sliding door in Tesco's, a cash point, a bus seat, a train window or a lamp post. Be as creative as the message you've written on the post-it.
And there you have your own temporary art installation.

The post-it note is perfect for this project. It's purpose is to open that one moment of connection between a complete stranger and the message you've put on it. After someone has found it and read it, then it is up to them what they do with it. They can move it, leave it where it is, let the wind blow it away or for the rain to erase the message, take it with them or even chuck it in the bin.

So get posting!

- So We Say


Miriam Dobson said...

that is an awesome idea.

Giles said...

can you put the link to the facebook group and that gallery up lar?

José said...

nice idea! should i send the pic of my instalation?

So We Say said...

Hey José!

Glad you like the idea!

It's awesome that you've put one up somewhere. You can email your pic to and include some details on where you stuck it up etc.