Tuesday, 19 August 2008

So We Say - Words Can Last A Lifetime

The collapse of the economy plays into the hands of So We Say

Have no regrets. History looks not at the "what ifs?" but the what is.

A pre-graffiti'd bus-stop in Sheffield.

I'd quite like to have been the person that found this one.

Friends of So We Say have already begun to send in their photos or stick up post-its throughout their towns and environments. These two were placed in Sheffield, U.K. where the idea is slowly picking up momentum. This city is a blank canvas waiting to be covered in yellow and biro pen.

Interest has also been shown in the rest of the U.K from Edinburgh to Nottingham. Post-its were even placed on condom packets and chewing gum in a London branch of Tesco.

I'm really enjoying receiving emails with people liking the idea and getting involved. The idea has blown up so much in 48 hours and I hope it continues to grow.

Anyways, I'm going to continue to post-it for the rest of the week. A bus is my next target. I hope you all keep sending your photos and ideas in.

- So We Say

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