Thursday, 28 August 2008

So We Say - Post-it Pat

These were put up in Sheffield, U.K, recently. I'm not sure what Postman Pat would think of such notes, but hopefully they made his daily collection a bit more unusual.

- So We Say

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Scenes From The Philippines

Stuck on a mug outside a "Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf" branch in the Philippines.

We had our first doodle in a Dutch library but I think this is closer to the "work of art" category. Anyways, So We Say must be the scourge of coffee houses in the Philippines now. And those coffee drinking art types must get off on the post-its. The coffee shop is our gallery.

- So We Say

Sunday, 24 August 2008

So We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Ok, ok, you can't see any sea exactly but it's near enough. These photos were sent all the way from down on the south coast in Bournemouth, U.K. As can be seen on the note, the lyrics are from a band called Menomena who are actually pretty ace, you can check them out at:

They were rather aptly stuck to a tree down there in a park. And as far as I'm aware, are as yet unfound.

Interest is still building in So We Say, with people now wanting to get involved in both Russia and Israel. That's awesome, so keep posting and keep spreading the word!

- So We Say

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

So We Say in America

So I got all excited when I saw an email turn up in my inbox all the way from Ohio in America. It not only contained someone excited by the project but probably one of the best So We Say post-its so far. This was taken at a good ol' American gas station over there in Ohio. Not only is it a class set of post-its but it's a brilliant photo.

The email also pointed me in the direction of which is a great site for any artists out there to exchange ideas and talk to artists all around the world. There's some really cool stuff on there too for the people who just like staring at pictures.

First we're over the Channel, then down in the Philippines before heading back across the pond to the U.S.A. Let's keep the word spreading.

- So We Say

So We Say on Facebook

So it seems that absolutely everything these days is Facebook orientated (I'd probably forget my birthday if it wasn't for that thing)...and I've decided to follow suit. It's a nice place for people to swap ideas in terms of words, doodles, places to stick them up or just get some inspiration. Something that blogspot can't really offer at the moment. People can also check out all the different people currently wanting to get involved with So We Say.

There's a bit of a gallery on there, but the one here is a lot more extensive currently.

If you're on Facebook and would like to join the simply do a group search for "So We Say" or click this handy hyperlink

- So We Say

So We Say - Words Can Last A Lifetime

The collapse of the economy plays into the hands of So We Say

Have no regrets. History looks not at the "what ifs?" but the what is.

A pre-graffiti'd bus-stop in Sheffield.

I'd quite like to have been the person that found this one.

Friends of So We Say have already begun to send in their photos or stick up post-its throughout their towns and environments. These two were placed in Sheffield, U.K. where the idea is slowly picking up momentum. This city is a blank canvas waiting to be covered in yellow and biro pen.

Interest has also been shown in the rest of the U.K from Edinburgh to Nottingham. Post-its were even placed on condom packets and chewing gum in a London branch of Tesco.

I'm really enjoying receiving emails with people liking the idea and getting involved. The idea has blown up so much in 48 hours and I hope it continues to grow.

Anyways, I'm going to continue to post-it for the rest of the week. A bus is my next target. I hope you all keep sending your photos and ideas in.

- So We Say

Monday, 18 August 2008

Back In The U.K

The Infamously English Red Phone Box

A post-it stuck inside.

So I've been really pleased with the response so far that I felt really encouraged to do a few more this morning. In total I put four post-it notes up, ranging from a shop door to a post box. I spent a lot more time on one though and managed to get a picture of it.

A lyric I've always liked and I thought it'd fit in nicely in a phone box. Something for someone to have a gaze at whilst phoning the AA.

- So We Say

So We Say in the Philippines

A wall outside the Mall Of Asia, near a restaurant.

The window of a Filipino Starbucks!

Only a few hours after So We Say received it's first email containing a photo of an installation in Holland, photos were already coming in from half way around the world in the Philippines.

These post-its were put up in various places throughout the Mall Of Asia (the 3rd largest shopping mall in the world), with the "I want orange chicken" note gracing a Starbucks window.

Hopefully, both sets of pictures inspire others to do the same and So We Say can reach even further around the world.

If you wish others to see your words of anonymous wisdom then send an email to:

If not...just keep posting! Your note could brighten up the day of a complete stranger, give them something to relate to or just provide a break in the monotony of every day.

- So We Say

So We Say Goes Dutch

So here it is! The first European So We Say post-it.
The caption reads: "Good idea! Like poetry!" and features a doodle of a washing line on a rainy day. The post-it was installed on a pile of books in the Main Library of Leiden University in The Netherlands.

So We Say has already made it across The English Channel and into mainland Europe, so lets see just how far it can go.

- So We Say

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Getting involved...

So now that you've seen So We Say in action, it's up to you to spread your favourite words around your own environment. Get your family, friends or colleagues involved, but try and be as discrete as possible putting your art up. If you can get a photo so others can see your temporary installation or to inspire others to do the same, then you can send it here:

- So We Say

Just a note to say...

So here it is, the first post-it note that I've put up. I'm not sure how long it lasted or who found it. Either way, it was on the main screen of a cash point outside a Tesco.

It was just something I thought up and I reckoned there was no better place to put such a message than the screen of a cash point.

I'm aware of the irony that the message itself is now reduced to a simple .jpeg!

- So We Say

So We Say

This is the beginning of what will hopefully become an international project. It's simple for anyone to get involved in.

  • Take a packet of standard yellow post it notes.
  • Write down a favourite quote, saying, lyric or own personal thought.
  • Rip it off and stick it up wherever you can in a public place. This can be anywhere, on an automatic sliding door in Tesco's, a cash point, a bus seat, a train window or a lamp post. Be as creative as the message you've written on the post-it.
And there you have your own temporary art installation.

The post-it note is perfect for this project. It's purpose is to open that one moment of connection between a complete stranger and the message you've put on it. After someone has found it and read it, then it is up to them what they do with it. They can move it, leave it where it is, let the wind blow it away or for the rain to erase the message, take it with them or even chuck it in the bin.

So get posting!

- So We Say