Monday, 18 August 2008

So We Say in the Philippines

A wall outside the Mall Of Asia, near a restaurant.

The window of a Filipino Starbucks!

Only a few hours after So We Say received it's first email containing a photo of an installation in Holland, photos were already coming in from half way around the world in the Philippines.

These post-its were put up in various places throughout the Mall Of Asia (the 3rd largest shopping mall in the world), with the "I want orange chicken" note gracing a Starbucks window.

Hopefully, both sets of pictures inspire others to do the same and So We Say can reach even further around the world.

If you wish others to see your words of anonymous wisdom then send an email to:

If not...just keep posting! Your note could brighten up the day of a complete stranger, give them something to relate to or just provide a break in the monotony of every day.

- So We Say

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